Every Wednesday from 7 -8 PM

Begining July 8th


Drawing on our most ancient traditions from as early as Abraham, Jacob as well as the biblical prophets, come and join us to re awaken and reform our rich Jewish spiritual and mystical tradition. We will journey together through sacred texts and objects to connect with the sacred light inside each of us and attempt to connect it to the greater light, the greatest light, the creation as we can experience it, that which some of us refer to as G-d.


Each week Rabbi Neil will introduce a Jewish word, phrase, prayer or object, relating it to its mystical roots with ancient texts both well known as well as those kept secret for so long.


Then we will use the weekly subject to aid us in participating in a short group guided meditation led by musician and spiritual explorer Andrew Raiher focusing on that week's object of investigation.


We will wrap up with a group discussion to see what insights developed for each of us during the session. Noshes provided!


Some scientifically proven benefits of meditation include:

· Lowering of blood pressure

· Reduced anxiety

· Greater feelings of happiness

· Increased self esteem and self confidence

· Increased feelings of calm and well being

Other guests will also share their knowledge and lead us in Jewish meditation including Stephanie Waisler-Rubin and others.


A note from Rabbi Neil:

I am SO excited to begin this journey and I am very grateful for Andrew's willingness to share his growing knowledge with us (many of us know Andrew for his excellent musical talents on Friday nights, with the Dads Band and most recently in the Judy Stearn Memorial Concert). I am looking forward to helping to set the theme for the weekly meditations and then joining with everyone in the spiritual experience!